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Old Comments:

2010-03-13 23:56:05
Forgot to think of that. Thanks for reminding me, Poppy. Just said goodnight to my cats now. Time to go to bed and get some sleep. It is 10 minutes before midnight now, Saturday. Speak to you all again soon. Have a great weekend, everyone... :)
2010-03-13 23:39:15
Oh yes you could take part... take pics from the public domain photo sites. Some of them have really nice pics...
2010-03-13 23:36:39
thankyou for explaining that, Poppy. I don't think I could join that 'race' as I want to always ask for permission to post other people's pics. Oh well, never mind. I can always watch how you guys go with that (the race that is)....
2010-03-13 23:33:53
When a few of us were here at the same time, someone would suggest a topic for the pics, and then we'd all dash off into the Internet world and look for those pics and post them. We've done trains, cats, horses, blue, etc. - Perhaps in the 'new' Pixdaus we'll have a chatroom or a 'notice board' where we could give warning of an upcoming race. Although we called them 'races' they really were not - we did not care about the votes, it was all for fun.
2010-03-13 23:00:45
What race is that, Poppy ?
2010-03-13 22:35:20
Spectacular train pic, Casey! - When are we going to get back to our races? They were fun. ;-)
2010-03-11 12:53:19
riding that train... you always find the good ones Casey! I just heard that song recently now I know where you got your nick :)