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Posted By:kevin walker

Old Comments:

2008-11-30 16:09:41
I have seen this picture on here before, EXCEPT the one I saw was not cropped, and her breasts were showing, I guess they took it off here. This picture is MUCH more classy, and I'll bet will stay on here.
2008-07-11 22:33:38
She is a dish and a half!
2008-07-11 22:29:24
I agree!
2008-07-10 23:54:34
Probably new. This is supposed to look like Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's.
2008-07-10 23:53:15
She have 12 years old. Do you like her ? You are paedophile
2008-07-10 23:29:02
A dish and a half. This photo looks to be from the early 1960's.