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Old Comments:

2010-04-06 20:13:08
Jivaro1 is right about the "sorry bunch." An atmosphere of negativity has taken over, and some people have made it their life's mission to vote photos down. The weekends and holidays are the worst because there are so many lonely misfits and other unsociable types out there who want to punish other people for their unhappy circumstances, so they seem to congregate here to do as much damage as they can, adding to the chaos already created by the resident Pixdaus troublemakers. Some users repeatedly attack others in comments, and then there are “trolls” who upload thousands of pictures or blanks, all apparently directed at a user called Poppy. Why? I am yet to understand what she has done to deserve such mistreatment. Under the blanket of anonymity, some people’s worst traits take over, and Pixdaus is beginning to resemble a battleground. There has not been a day of peace here for a long time. Like Jivaro1, I am going to hoist my sails and set my compass to head into calmer waters. Our departure does not make a ripple on the surface of this site, but if the present atmosphere does not improve, more and more viewers will stop coming here, and soon the place will resemble a den of thieves or an isolated island home of pirates. Good luck to them. Perhaps I will look in one day to see if things have improved.
2010-04-06 17:33:35
Pixdaus users: After making the comment above and a couple of others, I have seen my latest upload suddenly downvoted by a total of 15 votes in a 45 minute period and this one downvoted by 6 votes during the same time. I don't think that either of these were due to any sort of evaluation of the photos, but were simply a reprisal because the voters didn't like my comments. What a sorry bunch you people are. Goodbye Pixdaus, you can all go to hell.
2010-04-06 15:54:43
Yes, this is a male, appearances to the contrary. Among the Kayapo, only the males wear lip discs, and not all of them as the practice is becoming less prevalent. I don't know why they wear them. I do know that they start out with a very small disc and over time gradually increase it's size. I am pretty sure that they feel that these lip discs make them more attractive rather than less attractive. This photo is not my personal photo, but rather one that I borrowed. The Kayapo in the photo is actually a chieftan.
2010-04-06 12:53:05
The really strange thing is that there are tribes in Ethiopia who also have lip discs. There it is the women who have them - I have been told the idea was to make them unattractive to rival tribes and therefore less likely to be kidnapped. Perhaps someone knows more about this practice. How weird is it that two different peoples so very far apart on different continents should both develop such a disfiguring custom?
2010-04-06 12:39:55
Why do these Indians wear these lip discs ? I would imagine that it would be painful to do so. It certainly looks that way, like that other photo that was posted a day or two ago that had the sticks around the mouth area. Why is that done for also ? Sorry for not knowing about this... :(
2010-04-06 12:33:57
Sorry a typo, I intended to say "image of a male OR a female".
2010-04-06 12:32:47
Jivaro1, is this image of a male of a female? I have been to Mato Grosso, but never saw any authentic Kayapo Indians. It is my understanding, however, that only the men wear the lip discs as in this photo. However, my first impression is that this is a woman.