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2009-03-07 08:26:35
The photographer said "This taro field is in the small town of Hanalei. Taro is used by the native Hawaiians to make poi, a paste-like substance which was a staple in the diet 100 years ago. Today, taro fields have mostly been replaced by sugar cane, pineapple, and other more tasty crops. Taken as the sun rose. The trade winds pick up about 10 minutes after sunrise so there is a very narrow window of opportunity to catch still and reflective water. 5 minutes after this photo was taken, it was windy and pouring rain for about 10 minutes. Then it was sunny and windy. 5 miles behind the left-hand peak is the wettest place on the planet, where over 440 inches of rain fall per year. This field gets only about 120 inches per year!"