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Old Comments:

2010-07-30 11:54:06
I had too many windows open and my pc went totally hawire! so I couldn't get back here. thanks connie and poppy for looking up that info. :)
2010-07-30 11:53:14
This photo is not photoshopped nor was it posted on Pixdaus before. The one you are referring to as 'The Abyss', posted by Skip, is in Oregon. This one is in Kauai Hawaii. Both to do with lava ledges. There was another similar one posted by ou812 and Chakotey (I had found them in my search). It is NOT the same photo; that one is Maelstrom #3. The one I posted is Maelstrom #2 - same photographer. Background information on this photo from Patrick Smith. It's near Kilauea Point, Kauai, Hawaii. I feel that this image has all the main elements that can be part of a dynamic seascape image. Low warm light came through the clouds and reflected off the water. The motion I saw here was incredible and I made many images of it. It has nice lava rock in front. The atmosphere was full of mist. And the natural structure of the blowhole is striking." If you wish to make the viewer feel like he or she is right next to the camera near the sea, capturing motion is very important. But that often means getting wet and incurring a certain amount of risk to both the camera equipment and the photographer. To get to this spot at sunrise, a slippery path had to be navigated in the dark. I studied this particularly dangerous place for about 15 minutes to determine how the water moved. It turned out that while the water coming out of the blowhole was spectacular, the water motion going back into the hole was even more interesting. After finding a spot in the swirling water to brace the tripod, I was able to get several 'shoot and run' images. A 1/2 second exposure was enough to show the motion and still show detail in the water. I set up the filters and the camera settings before heading into the water. There was no time to do that once the action was unfolding. "This view of a blowhole on the north shore of Kauai was taken a few minutes after Maelstrom #2" (posted by Connie). "Here, I wanted to show how the large waves impact the lava shelf and continue around and into the hole. I captured this version of this scene since some people may like the extremely dramatic action of the ocean, as do I! To get this image at sunrise, I had to get up at 3am and slide down a very long muddy trail on my hands and knees in the dark, wash up in a nearby stream and run between lava shelves avoiding very large waves, in the near dark just before dawn. And I had to grab the tripod and run to get away from this wave! I wouldn't have it any other way, it's part of the process of seeing something that few people will ever see."
2010-07-30 11:33:28
Here's the Kauai pic Skip has posted:
2010-07-30 11:30:35
The above comment was to rlevy326
2010-07-30 11:29:35
Perhaps you mean this one? Why do you say it does not exist?
2010-07-30 11:28:36
SKIP - The photo you posted is not photoshopped and it's real. Here's what a photographer wrote: Thor's Well an amazing place to visit located at Cape Perpetua, Oregon, the surf surge rock without doubt is very unique. In any event, it makes a great photo. It occurs at a moderate to high tide with strong surf. However, it is not easy to take a snap of the place because of sharp rocks are everywhere. Plus, a very strong surge could sweep right up and be very dangerous. The hole can be seen from the parking area at the far end of the rock shelf on the north side of Cook's Chasm.
2010-07-30 11:16:47
The above pic is clearly of the same location... and it says Kauai, as does
2010-07-30 11:09:37
That was a photo I posted and this is not the same photo but it's by the same photographer. This is a real place, I'll have to go look it up, but it's not photoshopped.
2010-07-30 10:55:07
This photo seems to be Photoshopped. It was displayed here before, as being in Oregon, called "The Abyss", but no such place exists.