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Old Comments:

2010-04-03 16:46:57
That's very interesting, Connie. My uncle told me that the prime reason that they brought in daylight saving was because of the war. But then they did away with that when the war was finished. They extended our daylight saving by an extra week because of the Grand Prix, which I find extremely boring. a bunch of fast cars going round and around, wouldn't do much for global warming, I can tell you. Plus it's just plain boring to watch them go around all day long. I can think of far better things to do with my time. We have different time zones here too in Australia. Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia do not bother with daylight saving. I say that they are the ones that know better. Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Tasmania all put their clocks back 1 hour at 3am tomorrow. That suits me fine. I'm not a fan of that much. I always remember to put my clocks forward and back, especially back. I am always looking forward to the winter and proper time around here.....
2010-04-03 16:23:58
This whole thing is very controversial. Some say that Daylight Savings Time originally came about so that farmers would have longer daylight hours to plant their crops in spring and harvest the crop in autumn/fall. Others say it's not true - that it actually causes problems for farmers (I should ask my farming cousins). Some say the after-working hours benefits activities i.e. sports, shopping. Some say that the real reason is more to do with saving energy…but nobody can clearly explain that. Someone, I think it was a Professor at the University of British Columbia, said that was unproven. Canada has SIX time zones. To complicate things further, some towns of my province - British Columbia - and most of the province of Saskatchewan do not use Daylight Savings Time. One way I can remember what to do with my clock in Spring and Autumn/Fall…I think: Spring forward – Fall backwards ;-)
2010-04-03 15:31:53
That should be the first Sunday of April, which is tomorrow....
2010-03-31 08:11:23
Australia has so many time zones. It is all so confusing, especially when daylight saving is here..:(
2010-03-31 08:10:17
You are so right about the internet, libellule. It is a wealth of information... :)
2010-03-31 08:08:55
I hope Pixdaus fixes up this comments page as I clicked under your comment Connie and the reply went under libellule's comment. Apologies for that...
2010-03-31 08:07:12
Thankyou for telling me about that, Connie. We used to have winter time starting on the first Sunday of March, then they changed that to the last Sunday in March and go back to summer time on the last Sunday of October. Now we start winter time on the first Sunday of March and go onto summer time on the first Sunday in October. hope I explained that properly, because even I am getting a little confused here now. So we now have an extra 4 weeks of daylight saving, something which I'm not very happy to have. I don't like daylight saving very much. But what can you do ? The majority wins, I'm afraid.. :(
2010-03-31 04:17:11
Connie, WHY ? Why, in this time of "globalis/zation", all the world/the whole word does not change winter/summer or summer/winter time on the same days of the year ? ... It would be so easier for so many sectors ... particularly for planes ...
2010-03-31 03:36:08
We go back to winter time the last Sunday of October. I thought changing time was only in Europe. And it is all over the world. How marvellous is Internet : yesterday new knowledge about meerkat and "Passerin indigo", this blue male bird. Today, about changing time. And many other things I looked for.
2010-03-31 02:05:42
PictureGirl - Canada's Daylight Savings Time began on March 14.
2010-03-30 23:04:57
No worries, libellule. When do you go back to winter time again ? We go back to summer time on the first Sunday of October.
2010-03-30 22:44:37
Thanks you :-)
2010-03-30 22:14:50
You're welcome once again, libellule... :)
2010-03-29 23:41:58
Ok ! Thank you ! I have understood ! We changed winter/summer time on sunday 30th.
2010-03-29 23:21:33
Sorry libellule. We are currently one hour ahead of our normal time. We are still on summer time. We end that on April 5th and go back to our normal time which is one hour behind the time we are now. Hope I explained that ok to you.. :)
2010-03-29 22:41:22
"We end daylight saving this Sunday 5th April." Please can you explain this sentence ? : my English is not sufficient to understand it ? And the dictionary Google doesn't work clear /works badly about it.
2010-03-29 20:51:39
I think the timestamp under our comments is around 4 or 5 minutes slow.
2010-03-29 20:49:30
Well, as I type this to you, it will be nearly 8.45pm here, Monday night (29th March). In Adelaide, South Australia though, it will nearly be 8.15pm. Queensland is one hour behind us and Perth is 3 hours behind us. We end daylight saving this Sunday 5th April.
2010-03-29 16:56:03
I didn't know timezones work by half an hour. It is 5:46 Greenwitch time, in Australia : 15:16 In France : 7:46
2010-03-29 05:40:14
It's just gone 5.30am Monday 29th March, 2010
2010-03-29 05:34:56
I live in Melbourne, Australia.
2010-03-28 23:31:27
In what country do you live ? It seems we have similar hours/time ? In Europe ?
2010-03-28 22:16:07
Thankyou so much, libellule...:)
2010-03-28 22:12:25
Beautiful too/also :-)
2010-03-28 21:57:35