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Old Comments:

2010-08-03 17:24:43
Thanks for that, Jujuba... :)
2010-08-03 14:44:37
I got what you meant and I agree with you Mary...anyways, you got it deleted so there shouldn´t be any problem :-)
2010-08-03 12:36:51
Went under the wrong comment. Apologies for that...
2010-08-03 12:35:55
Anyway, the photographers who kindly give us prior permission to post Creative Commons photos, should indicate with their photo if they require us to ask them permission to post their photos. I would gladly oblige them with their request. It's just to know where we stand with them so that we do things right at the beginning...
2010-08-03 11:45:44
I've done that too with a few of the photographers and as you say, it's great to see their reactions to their photos and to learn some more about them... :)
2010-08-03 11:44:15
Yes it was. He still wanted for me to ask him permission, so rather than have trouble, I arranged to have that photo deleted... :(
2010-08-03 11:42:17
Good idea, Jujuba. I guess we can always email Chris or Simone and get an understanding of this once and for all. I think that they would be able to put us in the picture.... pardon the pun... :)
2010-08-03 11:08:59
@ PG - this photo that you had deleted, was it under the 'attribution' license? If it was, why would the photographer want it removed?
2010-08-03 11:07:31
@ Ru - thanks a lot for your words :-) It´s a lot of work, but it does feel good seeing the photgs' reactions and making them happy and sometimes I even engage in conversations with them about their portfolios and we exchange information about our places of origin :-) Very educational ;-)
2010-08-03 11:02:59
I understand your concern Mary. Anyways, I was just questioning as this is not clear for me...I wont upload any more photos under this 'non-commercial' license for now, since I´m not sure.
2010-08-03 10:50:18
Many thanks for that, Ru. I had a photographer sort of object to the forest photo I posted here yesterday. I have since had this photo deleted. It was a really beautiful photo too and a shame that I couldn't leave it here, but still, I wanted to make the photographer happy. As regards to emailing each and every photographer on Creative Commons, I may as well leave that alone then and ask the photographers from the 'All rights reserved' photos if I may post their photos. I've seen some very beautiful ones there, so I may as well post photos from that section.
2010-08-03 10:43:40
The reason why I hesitate to post photos under 'non commercia'l is because (and this is my understanding) if and when we post photos under the non commercial license, Pixdaus makes money from those images. The 'com' in the address of Pixdaus means commercial. That's why I don't post pictures under that. I could be wrong though, so I would invite others to let me know please if I am wrong about any of this. Many thanks. Oh and BTW Jujuba.... you are welcome... :)
2010-08-03 07:52:01
jujuba and PictureGirl, I think that it really great what you are doing in trying to be respectful of copyrighted works. Flickr Creative Commons does become a limited source however, especially if you are going to upload a lot of photos, but it does alleviate the problem of getting individual permission for each photo from the photographer. It is hard to imagine that any photographer, that allowed his photos on Flickr, would object to having them on Pixdaus as long as credits were given and that he/she really understood what Pixdaus was. Still that photographer should be entitled to a courtesy notice, when possible, telling them what you are doing. This is almost like an e-mail asking for permission to post, except there is no need to wait for a reply.
2010-08-03 05:09:21
Thanks Mary - yeah, now I could read more details about each license. "Non-commercial: this means that you're not selling the image or using it to sell something. For example, you won't use it as the background of an advertisement." In my humble opinion, I guess this clafiries that uploading a photo at Pixdaus under this license would be ok - cause we´re not selling the image itself or attaching a products name to it...but I´d like to hear what others have to say!
2010-08-02 18:08:45
Jujuba, hope you are well. I found a very useful link about Creative Commons photos and thought I would share this with you. Hope it helps.... :)
2010-08-02 15:25:39