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Old Comments:

2010-04-19 16:13:36
Many thanks, Gabrielle. Those white roses are probably iceberg roses. I have found that too about those modern roses not having much of a scent. That will be nice if the growers can fix that problem up...
2010-04-19 15:53:13
Beautiful garden, I wonder what the great banks of white roses are - so massed up together. I love roses and grow quite a few, mostly "old" roses. I find that too many of the modern ones lack a really good scent, though I believe growers are now addressing this problem.
2010-04-19 09:40:10
Thankyou Poppy. I love rose gardens too, but then I'm always a sucker for any kind of garden, except maybe japanese gardens because I don't believe in the superstitions they have in them. They ARE pretty though in any case. I have worked in nurseries but to this day, I still get my roses all mixed up and find it hard to tell the difference between floribundas and hybrids. I'm not very happy about that fact either. I love the perfume of those mauve coloured roses. That scent is just soooo beautiful....
2010-04-19 02:37:11
There must be lovely perfume in the air... I adore rose gardens, had one in England and my favourite rose was Pink Peace and in the floribundas I liked Iceberg the best. Not many roses do well in Finland, though, but I guess it does not matter since I don't have a garden. ;-)
2010-04-19 00:26:36