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Posted By:Arvidas.L

Old Comments:

2009-03-28 22:36:11
WOW! The nasty tags just disappeared! Hurrah for Pixdaus!
2009-03-28 22:28:32
Sadly, no matter what, some of the tags will always be incomplete, or wrong, or any number of other things... and some posters have no or insufficient English skills to write proper tags.
2009-03-28 22:17:05
You do have a point there -Hadn't thought of it that way -but to be useful there has to be more descriptions even if there are trash tags -for instance Jhonnywalk just put up a pic of a panda with just a tag saying hola. No one would think to look for a panda pic under that. That doesn't describe the pic at all. Animal or panda or cute baby animal should be added.
2009-03-28 21:59:45
Currently, in the tags added AFTER the pic has been posted, the unwanted tags outnumer the proper tags by about 50 to 1, so there will be a lot of deleting to be done all the time... and who wants to read the crap in the unwanted tags, anyway, even for a moment? But please write to Pixdaus, Fuzzy blue one.
2009-03-28 21:52:24
People should be able to add tags if they have more info or more descriptions but having said that the person posting the pic should have the ability to delete stuff from the tags on his or her pics if it is nasty.
2009-03-28 21:51:45
Thanks, Patito.
2009-03-28 21:47:53
Have done so...I love this site...come here every day when I have the time ( I do have a 'real' life .a rather full one, actually ) the way one might drop in at a favorite neighborhood cafe for morning coffee...and the kind of behavior we saw evidence of this morning really pisses me off..
2009-03-28 21:37:19
Patito: Please write about this matter, too, because I think you have 'pull' with those guys at pixdaus. The tagging system sucks. If it is technically possible, they should have it so that a pic cannot be posted UNLESS it has tags on it, and then no one should be allowed to add to the tags after the pic has been posted. I am getting so sick and tired of all the crap here...
2009-03-28 21:25:46
Can you imagine the pathetic ono-life life that poor little troll must live, with nothing better to do than stay up all night writing those asinine tags? What a pitiful looser...!!!!
2009-03-28 21:21:54
Arvidas.L: PLEASE write to Pixdaus about the tagging system being abused by loonies. If we ALL write to them, they have to do something! I have already written today.