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Old Comments:

2009-06-23 10:47:47
A dysfunctional child or a little pervert.
2009-06-23 10:46:09
My trip is not for another month. I know what you mean about the comment section. My computer sometimes freezes, or when I try to get back to where I was, I get bounced elsewhere, etc. Pixdaus is getting to be very annoying to manoeuver around.
2009-06-23 09:56:41
Actually, Skip, it's pretty clear that this troll is, in fact, a child...I suspected it at first, and each of its posts confirms my suspicion..probably a social reject at school, too wimpy for spports, rejected by its mommie..pathetic little creature, actually..we should try to have some pity for it and its wretched, lonely life..
2009-06-23 09:22:06
You talk like a child, too bad you aren't one!! quoting you... " I hope your pc is full of malware!" ok, and I hope you get cooties!!
2009-06-23 09:18:51
like cunnie cares a lot, i hope your pc is full of malware! cunnie, while on vacation don't forget to sun tan your marvellous breasts
2009-06-23 09:05:02
Beautiful Hawaii! love that sky! Hey connie, if you don't see me much in the comment section it's because I have had a real hassle with this site for the past week or so everytime I open comments I get pop ups or it freezes and I have to shut down. I know your vacations coming soon so I wanted to wish you a Buon Viaggio!