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Old Comments:

2010-04-09 07:59:36
So cute!
2010-04-06 01:01:43
This is SOOOO cute. I have a small mixed bred dog and she will always go to sleep within two or three minutes after eating. but never with her head in the bowl. My sister has a small bulldog and he always sleeps right beside of his food bowl to protect it from her cat. Seems the cat perfers the dog food over the cat food....
2010-04-05 22:13:16
Thanks for that, Coy. And you are very welcome.... :-D
2010-04-05 22:10:46
Yes Mary, it was intended. Thank you for picking up on that. You are very clever yourself.....
2010-04-05 11:22:23
Was that a pun (dish) intended, Coy ? If so, that's very clever.. :)
2010-04-05 10:59:28
Cute yes....Puppies will do the dog-gonedish things.
2010-04-05 08:32:16
Cute ;-)