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Old Comments:

2009-04-28 13:08:56
Snailroad(I said this on a previous posting)
2008-05-22 22:53:21
2008-05-22 04:57:13
nice one j.s.
2008-05-21 22:35:30
Looks shiny where it should.
2008-05-21 13:51:38
i wonder if the slug has the power to derail the train...
2008-05-21 13:35:17
Mustn't be a very busy train line.
2008-05-21 12:51:38
This is a different image. The snail has moved about an inch and a half since yesterday's pic...
2008-05-21 12:30:58
I think I know how the snail feels...
2008-05-20 21:17:57
Dupli! Was uploaded YESTERDAY from Comic Book Guy!