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2010-11-19 09:50:21
Humans have been omnivorous for as long as we've been human. We eat and have eaten virtually everything we could get our hands on that didn't eat us first, and so did our pre-human ancestors since before they came down from the trees. This ability and willingness to eat almost anything and everything was one of the adaptive traits that allowed us to survive and thrive in all the various kinds of places humans inhabit, and eating a variety of foods remains one of the keys to good health and nutrition. Certainly kale and apples are good food, and everyone should try to eat plenty of fruits, grains and vegetables. But red meat, poultry and fish are good food too, or can be. Our primate ancestors recognized that a very long time ago and developed a high level of enthusiasm for and considerable skill at chasing, catching and killing animals of every sort. In fact, because meat is such a rich and compact source of protein some of the few observed examples of food sharing among non-human primates outside parent-child relationships have been when animals such as chimpanzees have successfully chased and killed a smaller animal such as a monkey. There's no doubt that a lot of foods Americans eat isn't very healthy or nutritious and in some cases are just plain bad for us. But the obesity problem in this country isn't a result of people eating too much turkey. So relax and enjoy your bird this Thanksgiving. I'll have the dark meat, please !
2010-11-19 06:42:18
Rest in peace. What a shame that the only things on the platter that have any actual nutritional content -- the apples, kale and herbs -- are used for garnish. No wonder Americans are fat and sick. We eat dead foods and throw out the food that has living enzymes and nutrients. The body is an amazingly forgiving and adaptable miracle of life. I just wonder how much more it can take. But, whether you eat the cadavers of sentient animals or not, it's a wonderful holiday, this one special day that people remember what an astonishing gift life is.