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Posted By:Tone

Old Comments:

2008-04-23 12:02:31
I don't know, ten meters of open space beneath him is pretty impressive... Would be more impressed if he were wearing tux and tails, and posed in mid-leap with a wine glass, as if he were seated at a table? Because I think that'd be an amazing picture to see posted!
2008-04-23 05:03:45
Still photography never does Parkour justice.
2008-04-21 22:10:15
wrong--Parkour rocks and you're dull
2008-04-21 21:27:28
Future Darwin Award winner.
2008-04-21 12:41:09
Parkour ripes off what Jacky Chen was doing decades ago.
2008-04-21 03:48:19
Thanks Clw. That's the first time I have come across the term Parkour, although I saw a video of a Russian doing it last year, and thought he had created something special. Well, he did, but as part of that international aspect to it. I love to see that ability of total fluidity of body movement, to be able to move with 'extreme ease' of flow like a leopard or other of the cat species. Thanks!
2008-04-21 02:45:50
Hope those kids don't try to copy him yet.
2008-04-21 02:35:18
google parkour for explanation
2008-04-21 02:01:08
Perhaps he is trying the speedier process of a Criss Angel in levitation?