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Posted By:Unknown

Old Comments:

2011-12-20 17:38:34
I see you have no clue what you are talking about!
2011-12-20 16:53:18
Junkers never really made anything that was first rate. No suprise that the name inspired the origin of the word 'junk,'
2011-12-20 16:47:36
The Ju 52/3m remained throughout the Second World War on the standard transport aircraft of the Luftwaffe. In comparison with the Douglas Dakota, the military version of the DC-3, had the Ju 52/3m have a lower performance and payload, on the other hand, were in military use, the short takeoff and landing capabilities (STOL) of the Ju 52 advantage. After the war the JU 52 was used in several civilian Air Lines till the 1960s. Must be a really bad plane!
2011-12-20 16:38:13
Ju 52: Shortly after the first flight of the "Deutsche Lufthansa AG" took over in May 1932 the first Junkers Ju 52/3m. In July of 1932 this machine took part in an international airliner meetings in Zurich, where they competed against rivals such as the Dornier Do K3 and Fokker F. XII. When they could make an emergency landing safely on the way home, even after a collision with a school machine, despite heavy losses, the economic success was assured.
2011-12-20 15:19:41
The JU 52 was a failed attempt to imitate the more well-designed and highly successful Douglas DC-3. Pressed into service by the Germans without adequate testing, it was cranky, unreliable and dangerous to its crews. JU 52 pilots were said to have been more afraid of the airplane itself than they were of Allied fighters, who shot down the lumbering, awkward tubs by the hundreds. It quickly vanished into well-deserved obscurity after the war, eclipsed by much more modern and efficient airplanes.