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Old Comments:

2010-04-02 17:04:55
I am a woman too. I am French. I live in Loire Valley. And, when I was child, in Belgium, I ate a lot of packs of multicolored "nounours" ( = little bears), i.e. jujubas. Too many ! :-)
2010-04-02 16:29:05
Vingt à 7 heures du matin, heure française ? Seulement 20 ? Sans compter qu'il y a peut-être des Premiums Users ... 3 points d'un seul coup ! Faut faire de la pub ! Pixdaus est un site super génial !
2010-04-02 11:21:41
I think you and I might be the only Francophones on Pixdaus.
2010-04-02 07:46:33
" Now it´s your turn ;-)" OK. To-my-morrow. Kind regards.
2010-04-02 07:41:11
Hé-Ho ! Tous les Francophones, réveillez-vous ! Et votez (+) ce message qui nous offre la possibilité de dire combien nous sommes ici sur Pixdaux !
2010-04-02 07:07:46
He he he so many questions :P But I understand your concept :-) (that it´s easier to talk to someone when you know at least the basics about them) I´m a woman Libellule and from Brazil, not Portugal. And 'jujuba' means 'jelly bean' in English, my favorite candy since always... Now it´s your turn ;-)
2010-04-02 07:03:10
What means "jujuba" ?
2010-04-02 07:00:59
May I conclude you are Portuguese ? ... Are you a man or a woman ? Where do you live in Portugal ? And so on. ( Until it is not possible to say on the Internet ! ) .... It would be/will be/is so much easier to "comment" with other(s) if we know "just a bit" of them ....
2010-04-02 05:03:40
Merci beaucoup auss,i petit libellule :-) Amuse-toi bien! Thank you very much too, little libellule (dragonfly) Have a good time! By the way, libellule in Portuguese is 'libélula' - quite similar huh? ;-)
2010-04-02 04:46:40
Merci beaucoup à vous, jujuba ! Many thanks to you, jujuba ! A vous aussi, Joyeuses Pâques ! To you also, Happy Easter !