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Old Comments:

2008-12-11 17:30:06
Cause you gave it to me! But what has negative votes to do with "sick psychological"???? You get negative votes too!! So...? Your beloved farhad get negative votes!! So...? HOW OLD ARE YOU????
2008-12-11 17:28:35
OK he's evil spirits
2008-12-11 17:23:12
If you are not sick psychological so why w’en will have negative vote????????.
2008-12-11 17:05:51
...and you and your comments are so boring and without esprit like farhads pics! It's your weakness that you can't face the truth!!
2008-12-11 16:59:21
you sure "mental patients are (OK).
2008-12-11 15:44:43
Skip :Thank you for comment. I of the photos of Farhad I like. But OK fool and there is jealous…
2008-12-11 14:50:11
I did not insult farhad, all I said was that ok, has a point if people are infact cheating. I can't say who is cheating and who is not. But I can tell who is posting too many pictures at once anyone can tell that. And I think it's insulting that you are using my name, Simply because I stood up for farhad because I thought name calling was uncalled for.
2008-12-11 14:17:52
But you (OK) A ordure
2008-12-11 14:13:13
Mr. or Mrs. Skip if deed British soldiers this success to me I cannot write it - J'ai seulement pensé que j'ai dit à moi-même et à toute personne qui est respectée, mais ne sont pas à quiconque insultes à faire ce à vous et vous pouvez dire à votre idée et d'écrire votre vote.
2008-12-11 13:39:53
Poppy hi: Know that the outward form passes away------------But the world of reality remains for ever---------How long will you play at loving the shape of the jug?----------Leave the jug; go, seek the water!
2008-12-11 09:49:41
Thanks for saying somthing about this poppy, I know you said it was an honor that I finally had a troll but I don't like it!! and even though I was bothered by ok, calling names I agreed with him about people who cheat and who post way too many pictures in a day. let your pic's speak for themselves, nobody wants to see a million pictures from just one person, that's boring.
2008-12-11 07:24:50
In my opinion slpk, sozan and all the other claqueurs are only one person (perhaps farhad himself)!! E.g. they wrote all the same Yoda-style english, make the same mistakes, etc.
2008-12-11 05:51:11
Sklp: Whose name? The location may be given, but not the author name. Author names are not usually posted in the wallpaper sections of the 'photoart' sources that farhad visits. We have all seen these types of pics a hundred times over. "Thank you write his name of the photos" -type of comments are an insult to most of us here on Pixdaus. This is not meant to ridicule some people's poor command of the English language, but the ADULATION CLUB for farhad's dime-a-dozen pictures is nauseating. Moreover, sklp, choose another name, as the one you are using too closely imitates the name of a friend of mine who posts good, ORIGINAL pictures here on Pixdaus!
2008-12-10 22:16:57
thank you write his name of the photos.