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Posted By:No Name

Old Comments:

2008-12-09 08:21:55
Oops, I forgot to ask - Did you see the map before it got banned?
2008-12-09 08:20:05
Why would I remember what Carter's brother said? You said I'm a resident of Vancouver (that's way north at the 49th parallel, me boy), so not too in tune with what junior said. Good Ol' Boy...hmmm...I remember that term...Ah yes - the Blues Brothers. Great Canadian comedian that Dan Aykroyd, what? Oh yes, there was this American called John something or other. Not too funny ;-)
2008-12-08 21:14:58
Remember what Jimmy Carter's little brother said was the difference between a Good Ol' Boy and Redneck ? A Redneck drives around in a pickup drinking beer and throwin' the cans out the window..a Good Ol' Boy drives around in a pickup drinking beer and throwin' the cans in a litter bag....actually, these days I don't drink beer and drive my truck much as I used to..I usually let my dawg drive..unless we're in town, of course..
2008-12-08 13:32:18
I'll concede that a person living in B.C. could be somewhat..slighly..maybe..sort of Americanish, but ONLY because Canada is part of the Continent of America. A person living in Texas is a Texan American - a Bushie...attends religious revivels in tents (the laying of hands and all that). Do you drive a truck with HUGE wheels and a 22 caliber in front, guzzle beer, smash the can on your forehead and throw the can on the floor just before you burp...all while watching wrestling or rodeo? Do you wear a cowboy hat and yet not know the difference between a bull and a cow? I reckon y'all eat grits & hominy and good ol american apple pie. Now ya don't take me seriously ya hear...I just jossing ya. Hope you like my map I posted.
2008-12-08 10:25:18
You're an American living in British Columbia (if that is , in fact , where you live) may be a citizen of Canada, but you're also an American...I'm an American living in Texas, and a citizen of the United States...a guy from Tegucigalpa may be a Guatamalteco but he's also an American...and I think you live in BC because I have super sensitive psychic, I'll turn 'em on and check again....aaaaaaaahhhhhoooooooohhhmmmmmmzzzzzzzzz...yep, I'd say Vancouver or thereabouts...but of course, bad weather or sun spots can throw it off..but I'm pretty close, aren't I?...
2008-12-08 10:06:48
Patito, If I live in B.C. I'm a Canadian living in the Continent of America. A person in Buenos Aires is an Argentinian living in the Continent of America, and so on. A person living in the USA is only known by the continent he/she lives in. I guess Americans got cheated ;-) By the way, why would you think I live in B.C.?
2008-12-08 06:52:51
I wouldn't bet on it..Russia locks up nearly as many people as we do, and even if the old Gulags are closed I'll bet they have some joints every bit as grim..Note: Canada, from sea to shining sea, is part of America, Connie...if you live in BC you're an American, as much so as if you lived in Alabama, New Jersey or Texas...
2008-12-08 05:16:55
Well, I also always wanted to see the inside of a Gulag, but alas I guess they are closed & abandoned.
2008-12-07 21:49:54
I believe Pixdaus Central ( or whatever it's called ) is located somewhere in deep in the bosom of Mother Russia...
2008-12-07 15:57:02
Well, if we don't use their names and their captions, what then? Do they catch us? IF they do, do we go to prison? Just visualize it - dozens of pixdaus posters lined up and waiting to be fingerprinted and have their mug shots. Do you think we would get as much coverage as OJ? And where would we be tried...our home countries, the photographer's, Pixdaus'? My oh my, that would be the greatest excitement I've had in my life in a long time...especially, if Pixdaus is American...I might yet get to see the inside of Guantanamo!! I'm sure that Larry King will want to interview us - books circuits...I'm getting ready to put a 'dream team' together to represent all of us. I wonder if F.Lee Bailey is still alive? By jove, my heart is a pumping with excitement. By the way, why is Gotinha being picked on?
2008-12-07 13:52:41
The photographers google their own names and listings come up as to where to find their pics. If you include the name with the pic they can see that someone posted it on pixdaus. If you don't include their name it makes it won't show up. The also have programs that can keep track of where their images go. There is a discussion about that on one of 's pages. Gotinha and others are mentioned on it.
2008-12-07 07:40:32
I'm assuming here but: A poster types the names of the photographers as part of the caption (I do when I have it). The photographers go to Pixdaus, type their names at 'Search Photos' and find out if and who posted their photos. After I had an accident and on rehab, I had a great deal of time googling and dowloading images. I said in a comment that I had 100s in error; I actually have 1000s, in folder, sub-folders. A lot of what I see posted, I already have or had. So, I know that over 98% of pictures posted are not by the posters. I don't think they claim they are the photographers, nor are they making money out of it; they just want to share what the found on the Internet with others. When we give the name of the photographer, it benefits him/her in that we advertise for them. People can they google their names and view their galleries of photos. we all just type 'not mine or....' as part of the caption?
2008-12-06 23:44:42
Maybe I should not be commenting on this , but I have wanted to for a long time so I will, Did you notice the name tarvela, on here,tarvela, has only made one comment so far. Can you imagine who tarvela is? It's sad when you cant speak freely on here without it affecting the pictures. I wanted to say that I figured out along time ago that mostly all the pictures here, were not being posted by the photographers themselves, you can go to all the top posters homepage and read the comments and figure that out pretty easily. Infact when I started here, there was a lady named Violet, who's pic's were very popular, and I believe she did not include the photographers names at first, then later she did but the photographers who's pic's she posted were so angry at her she was forced off this site and all her pictures were removed. I also noticed that the photographers tend to go after the people who do, post their names, as oposed to the majority who do not include their names. I can only think of one good reason for that, Alot of good pictures are voted down here for silly reasons like competition, or dislike of the person who posted them, so if you were a good photographer, and you saw your pic's here with minus ten votes, maybe it would embarass you,, just a guess, Once in awhile I can tell that a few people are posting their own pictures, and I like to vote for them if I like them, but usually the quality is not the same high glossy perfection that people seem to want here, so those pic's get voted down,,It's too bad cause it's nice to see somebody post their own work, You can ask any of the top posters if they are posting their own pic's and see what responce you get.
2008-12-06 22:16:30
Because many posters do not mention the name of the photographer, Ralph m believes they have been posted by the photographer. I would say that 99.99% of the pics on Pixdaus are posted by people other than the photographers. Now the pictures of the posters who DO mention the name of the photographers (which I believe is the correct thing to do!) are targeted by negative votes from people like Ralph! For example, 'my' pics are already targeted by poppy haters and vote cheaters, add a few more ralphs and each picture will disappear with -9 votes. Pixdaus is getting really DIRTY. // Peachfizzy mentions the author names, and she is now getting penalized for it. Grow up, Ralph! As Tarvela says, feel free to spend hours and hours on the internet looking for pictures posted by the photographers. We have done all that already, and post those pictures here for the viewers.... don't you get it, Ralph?
2008-12-06 09:11:14
I would say 90-95 percent of the pics on this site are not the work of the posters. If you want to see the work posted by the person who took the photo you will have to explore each individual photographer that are listed under most of the photos.If that is what you want to see feel free spending your day surfing around the web.
2008-12-05 12:03:23
I see that you too steal other peoples pictures as does "poppy". Guaranteed negative vote from me