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2010-03-11 14:34:05
On April 30,1900, on that rainy morn Down in Mississippi near the town of Vaughn Sped the Cannonball Special, only two minutes late Making 70 miles an hour when they saw a freight. Caboose number 83 was on the main line Casey's last word were 'Jump Sim, while you have the time.' At 3:52 that morning came the fateful end Casey took his farewell trip to the promised Land. from The Ballad of Casey Jones by Wallace Saunders.
2010-03-11 13:35:48
Interesting story Rock Island Rick, I wonder if they made a movie. I really enjoy those adventure movies on planes or trains...especially the true stories.
2010-03-11 13:24:06
John Luther "Casey" Jones, from Jackson, Tennessee, was an engineer on the Illinois Central Railroad. On the rainy and foggy night of April 30, 1900, his passenger train collided with a stalled freight train. Jones' heroic efforts to stop his train and avert the wreck in which he alone was killed caused him to become the focus of song, myth and legend.