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Old Comments:

2008-11-08 01:47:24
man Jimmi was the BEST. My favortes are purple haze, Voodoo Child, and If 6 were 9. The who were good too. :]
2008-06-30 22:30:13
Wouldn't it have been awesome if they headlined together, even played together? That would've been a concert, man.
2008-06-28 20:44:53
not if they remember Hendrix and Townsend
2008-06-28 09:34:52
fascinating discussion about Hendrix, thanks guys, are you fucking 12?
2008-06-28 08:07:10
Too weird...I was scrolling through the pics and as soon as I saw the prevoius one I broke into singing "Waterfall.." by Hendrix then I went to the next pic!!!!
2008-06-28 05:50:31
Actually Jimi was very humble, he probably thought that Townshend was terrific. Pete Townshend is a great guitar player, but Jimi was more like a guitar artist.
2008-06-28 04:56:47
jimi: this dork is better guitar player then me? give me a break!
2008-06-28 03:36:12
His name was "Jimi"!