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Old Comments:

2011-11-01 04:02:32
I enjoy to see,Date not important.
2011-11-01 03:47:09
SMS 's apology But the picture is beautiful.
2011-11-01 03:41:03
so what! last time 6 months ago? one year?
2011-11-01 03:36:24
This pic is nice but has been on Pixdaus a few times
2011-11-01 03:25:11
Cos this is a good pic! why don't you ask patito why he got 20 votes in 10 seconds for crap?
2011-11-01 02:59:59
Got 15 votes in 5 minutes! Congratulations
2011-11-01 02:27:43
Excuse me, duplicate I did not know. It isn’t important that what happened, tolerate and hide your grief with smiles..
2011-11-01 01:33:05