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Old Comments:

2010-11-14 18:35:11
Thanks for the honor. I have chosen ‘People(s) of the World’ as the theme for the next race. Date: Fri 19 Nov, if that’s suitable for all of you.
2010-11-13 04:47:40
2010-11-13 02:37:39
I pick Robot, because he got 27 points for the: Best rated in a most popular today section from ship serie. So Mr.Robot is my choice.
2010-11-13 02:28:48
Not me! :)
2010-11-13 02:26:34
Pez, you need to pick one of the posters from today, you know, like handing the crown to the next person :)
2010-11-13 02:20:41
OK, I choose two topic in a roll, now someone else must pick a topic...
2010-11-13 02:15:35
I think you should pass it on to the next person, It's funny, I've gotten to know what some people like, and I think I could guess what their theme might be... :)
2010-11-13 02:08:58
Can't miss with boats&ships... Who'll chose next topic?
2010-11-13 02:00:19
Hey pez, beautiful sunset! I'm loving the boat pics, great choice!!