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Old Comments:

2009-03-11 15:48:04
Will you two just get a room...
2009-03-05 00:18:58
yes. it's time 4 admin well said.
2009-03-04 20:21:24
Your favourite enemy "ok" isn't online anymore! For weeks she wrote no comments or vote for pictures!
2009-03-04 20:16:09
It is interesting is The greatest dishonest "OK" The greatest Envier "OK" The biggest liar "OK" The greatest blab "OK" The greatest fool "OK"
2009-03-04 19:32:18
This site *really* needs an admin...
2009-03-04 18:44:55
2009-03-04 17:47:27
OK JEALOUSY is not something that human can control.....
2009-03-04 17:45:40
You never feel comfortable naught "OK" = Water puller
2009-03-04 17:40:35
Yeah, that so easy: everyone who's against cheating, selfvoting, or stupid theories MUST be "ok"!! I can't take you all seriously, sorry!
2009-03-04 17:38:37
OK JEALOUSY is something that can lead us to destruction..
2009-03-04 17:36:57
OK : You guys are messed up!
2009-03-04 17:32:41
You guys are messed up!
2009-03-04 17:31:10
2009-03-04 17:28:38
The most "OK" jealous… in pixdaus
2009-03-04 17:26:00
I wondered when you'd respond...and I'm not talking to 'cohise' or 'blank' personas.
2009-03-04 17:19:18
New theory: farhad + artmani + solmaz + ghahraman + other from the voting mafia = cohise
2009-03-04 17:11:49
Cohise - from the time you appeared on Pixdaus, you wrote in a strange convoluted, bizarre way, that few understood. At first, I just thought you were eccentric. Then, I found you very odd. It's interesting to note that you just wrote for the first time in a more clear, logical and concise way - at least for the 'cohise' persona. You almost got out of your role, but it was more important that everyone understand and can read your 'investigative work'. You say I spend a lot of time on the Pixdaus site. After a MVA, of which I spent over a year in rehab, I lost my career and my abilities re sports (skiing, hiking, cycling, running...). Aside from rehab, I found a lot of time on my hands for the first time since I was a kid. During that time, I spent my time downloading over 10,000 photos; put them in folders, sub-folders - themes, series, etc. The big photos are to be used in Powerpoint with music, the smaller ones for slide shows (I've yet to learn how to do those two), and, of course, my contract work. So to post photos takes me mere minutes; to read and write comments takes minutes also. That's a piece of cake for me. I was always good at multi-tasking; so, no, I do not spend much time on Pixdaus. A big part of my 38 working years was as a professional in the Human Resource field, which required a lot of investigation. Prior to that, I was also involved in different types of investigations, including criminal. Therefore, it was easy for me to realize very quickly who the main player was and what names the player was using. There was a common thread that ran through it all and was easy to follow. I was unsure about the 'cohise' name being one of them, until now. You realized that I was catching on by the comments I made about one of your personas (jchip8) who had become too blatant by posting photos that others had posted just shortly before. Others had not really noticed that before I came along AND other odd remarks I made – I couldn’t help being the cat playing with the mouse. Therefore, you had to try to turn the tables on me. You had previously taken a ‘break’ to stock up on more photos - since you have to feed more than one poster - so, you didn’t have to waste time there. Anyways, during the last while you have not posted many photos. You started to gather your ‘facts’ to build up a ‘case’ against me, and prepare your ‘report’ as noted above. It's quite amateurish, at least to me, as I was used to do investigative work. Perhaps, others will be impressed by your 'facts'. I must say, when you started this 'romancing connie' using 2-3 personas, I almost gave you away. It was funny at first wondering where you were going with this, but then you became very annoying and stupid; you dragged it on too long. I suspect, by remarks left on the tags, one or two know who you are. I won't give you away, because, first, nobody would believe me, and you know that; secondly, you actually make the site more interesting with all the names you use. In about the last month, you have gotten sloppier – at least to me. Just one example is answering for someone else (because that 'someone else' was one of your personas). I guess it gets confusing at times wondering which hat you are supposed to wear at a given time. You play the role of male and female fairly convincingly (but not to me), except for the odd slip-ups when you show the female side when you're supposed to use the male side. Of your personas – one never or hardly provides a comment, one is very knowledgeable, one is very nice, one compliments your photos, and another one backs you up, and so on... Pixdaus is a diversion for me, because of all my other involvements and commitments. I post 'series', some with info that interests only a few, if any, and other photos which I know will get me very few votes and even none. That is not the case for everyone at Pixdaus. Some take their postings seriously. They enjoy the photos they have found, and they want to share them with others. Yes, they want to get votes but,