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Old Comments:

2009-07-11 11:43:51
Thanks. Flowers have always been the easiest for me, just don't ask me to draw or paint people!
2009-07-11 11:38:06
I admire anyone who can paint, and I especially someone who can capture the complexities of a flower or rose. Some people who can paint well won't even attempt a flower! Good on ya, sister...
2009-07-11 11:33:26
Many of my paintings are also inspired by O'Keeffe; I just completed a 90cm x 90cm picture of a single lotus flower on silk. It may not be an O'Keeffe but one sure cannot ignore it because it's so big! ;-)
2009-07-11 11:25:25
That's why I love her work! Now, we have close-up photography, so her work may be taken for granted or be interpreted in other ways.
2009-07-11 10:34:34
"I decided that if I could paint that flower in a huge scale, you could not ignore its beauty." Georgia O'Keeffe
2009-07-11 09:00:30
Looks like a Georgia O'Keefe... sort of.