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Old Comments:

2008-06-17 00:50:06
F-15 Eagle dude, Japan has tons of them.
2008-06-16 00:59:46
shucks! I always mistake the two. :(
2008-06-15 19:00:02
*Ace Combat 6, sorry
2008-06-15 18:59:13
Yes, it's right, it's from Ace Combar 6 for Xbox 360, and i think it's an F-15 fighter
2008-06-15 17:25:28
right, it's a screen from a game, Japan is not allowed to have russian jet planes. I might be wrong but this is a Mig-29.
2008-06-15 17:11:33
If I'd be an enemy pilot, I'd react to this "make-up" like a bull does to a red cloth.
2008-06-15 16:38:52
It's a screen of the game Ace Combat nice plane :D
2008-06-14 22:45:53