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Old Comments:

2008-04-29 10:49:56
Just an insider reference to a 60's era rock band that used to play a version of that song.
2008-04-28 21:18:03
Not familiar with them, JS...but I admit I prefer older music to most of what I hear on the radio..not just classical, but also blues, blue grass, early rhythm and blues...I think rock music peaked out with Chuck Berry and Little Richard and has been in decline ever since..
2008-04-28 16:32:37
i have a large print from this same series of photos
2008-04-28 11:41:23
Are you also a fan of the 'band beyond description,' patito?
2008-04-28 09:27:44
This part of Elm was considered more or less respectable..but further east it became 'Deep Ellum' which was kind of like the Times Square and Bowery of Dallas,with a strong current of New the old blues lyrics said..."When you go down on Deep Ellum, put yo' money in yo' socks..cause them women on Deep Ellum sho' will throw you on the rocks"
2008-04-28 09:16:21
Don't you just hate legalized rackets such as hoch shops?