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Old Comments:

2008-12-14 02:57:35
Skip, you are a champion.
2008-12-14 02:28:15
Patito made some good points, and I'd like to add that I have noticed that poppy, has always been a lady, or polite on here like she said. She has been sarcastic at times, but that really does not compare to the way alot of people behave on here namecalling, swearing, the works! Finally, she got to a point where she wanted to let loose I have done that too we are only human, and to bring names like whore and bitch into it, because we express our feelings the way men do so much of the time, is just crap! I said awhile back that I would like to be able to express myself on here without it affecting the pictures, and since NONE of the regulars post their own pictures, If you vote down a picture cause you dislike the person posting it,,, then it seems to mean our comments and opinions are what you are voting for. Another thing, why do we have to apologize for taking an interest in this place, there are many regulars here, for a long time now, we all like pictures and those of us who do post them regularly put alot of effort into it, especially when you include names and locations it is time consumming. And I think everyone knows that all their pictures will not be liked,, But when you go to the effort and then people vote down every picture you post, or vote down your pictures after they already have twenty votes, It seems obvious that there is cheating, jelousy, or some kind of childish behavior going on.
2008-12-14 01:53:30
Patito, you are a champion.
2008-12-14 01:24:05
Here's the deal, Zumi...I've been looking at photos on this site for a pretty long while and there's been a small handful of folks who consistently post better than average to excellent photos that stand out among the tons of mediocre, maudlin, cornball stuff..Poppy has been among that small group of what I think of as 'elite' posters...she has also expressed her opinions freely and in so doing has pissed some people off, and those folks vote her photos down without regard to quality or content..that pisses her would piss me would piss you off...For you to get on her case about how she feels about and what she says about what is a pretty low-life chickenshit activity is ironic at best, considering you have not posted a single photo here..neither have I, but I have enormous respect for and am grateful to the people who go to the trouble to do so, and expecially the ones who go to the trouble to find and post high quality're way out of line on this one, Pal..
2008-12-13 14:23:42
One more thing, zumi: You engage in namecalling yourself yet you have the audacity to reproach me about doing it when mine was much milder that yours, anyway. And look around: there's namecalling ALL OVER THE PLACE in the comments but where were you then? Hmmm? So your comment is nothing to do with namecalling but everything to do with poppybashing. Arrogant, egotistical, attention whore, starved for attention.... oh my, you live in a fantasy world. Sorry to inform you but my panties never get in a knot because I don't wear any. Take a hike, zumi.
2008-12-13 14:04:21
"Nobody is cheating" you say. Even Pixdaus admin is aware that it is taking place, and they know how it is done but there is not much they can do about it. When one avenue is blocked, the cheaters find another one. // YOU are the one who is now blowing this out of all proportion when I merely reposted 4 pictures that unfairly disappeared. Now they are doing fine, so what does that tell you?
2008-12-13 13:40:17
In all the months that I have been on Pixdaus, I have always behaved like a lady, I haven't called people names even when I have been called everything imaginable under the sun, including bitch, whore and worse, and disgusting, horrible porn pictures have been posted in my name. You say "sure like calling people names" as if that is what I always do. Well, zumi, why don't YOU just zoom outside to clear your head 'cause you're not thinking very clearly. // I don't have fits, but I do not like bullies and I always stand up for my rights, and here I am - again - trying to make people understand that I am against cheating, which is what has been going on here today. // If people singly vote a picture down and it reaches -9, it disappears. How then do people even know that is exists? They look at the newly posted or recent popular, they would not go willy-nilly to someone's file and look for pictures that have -9 votes and then add seven more negative votes to the nine. THAT JUST DOES NOT HAPPEN! Just read your own comment ("I can't help but...") above: you are calling me all kinds of names, me, poppy, personally, whereas I was calling the unknown cheaters a couple of names, so how are they the same thing? You are being blind to the issue at hand because you are so busy calling ME names. What is motivating you to do what you do? I am merely fighting against cheating.
2008-12-13 12:35:50
And how, exactly, does a random picture of a random plane that happened to be in a war help "learn" anything? Yeah, okay. I have actual sources for learning things, like books, the news, going outside, for that, thanks. But temper tantrums are also amusing, so at least there's that.
2008-12-13 12:33:18
Dunno, but you sure like calling people names like "ignorant runts" Jesus, GO OUTSIDE, you can quite obviously use it. It might help that little fit you seem to be having
2008-12-13 12:31:52
Seriously, you actually think it matters, and that in and of itself is sad. Nobody is "cheating" because, I'll repeat it for you again, the ratings system doesn't mean shit. Why? Because this is nothing more than a giant photo storage system that is completely free to use, gets traffic up the ass, and tomorrow everything will be 10 pages back anyway. If you seriously think it is anything MORE than that, that your posts are somehow significant in the long run, or that this is some kind of cut-throat competition where you win a free internet as your reward, you *seriously* need to go outside. I have never been able to vote for anything more than once, the system says so, so how they "cheated" is probably some kind of bug. If it gets your panties in a knot so dearly, maybe you should find another site to use. Throwing a tantrum like a toddler doesn't win you brownie points. But by all means, if it makes you feel better, tantrum to your heart's content, I won't stop you. (I hope my paragraph breaks show up this time!)
2008-12-13 12:26:45
Didn't I just finish saying somewhere that I don't think my pictures are great but that they are better than average? How does that make me arrogant? Read my comment below in answer to your comment.
2008-12-13 12:24:28
zumi, if we don't learn from the past ie wars and its causes and effects we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes. We ignored what was happening in Rwanda (including the United Nations)...genocide; now Darfur. Where next?
2008-12-13 12:19:55
Zumi: You're right, it is just a picture, but no-one has the right to send it - with multiple cheating minus 16 votes - to oblivion! People DID NOT vote it down vote by vote, it happened in seconds!! When a picture gets -9 votes, it disappears off the main frame, right? Well, this one did not get -9 votes, it got -16 in one hit!!!! THAT is my point, and I am not trying to dictate anything to anybody, except that cheating SHOULD NOT BE CONDONED HERE!!!!!!!! Or are you part of that gang yourself?
2008-12-13 12:13:26
Well, I'm gonna speak any which way I want from now on and the Queen on speaking her high-falutin' lingo but poppy is going to stop being a lady because what's the flippin' point if the creepos play dirty all the time. Nah, on second thoughts, dirt just ain't my game. Too much laundry.
2008-12-13 12:12:10
This just in: it is a picture, nothing more. And guess what? Not everyone gives a rat's ass about war, as is their right. Last time I checked, people were allowed to think and learn about what they want to, not what someone on the internet dictates.
2008-12-13 12:09:06
I can't help but find it kind of sad how you seem to have this bizarre belief that your pictures are so utterly fantastic that they couldn't *possibly* warrant a downvote. Sorry to break it to you, but people can vote however they please, whether you like it or not. Please leave your arrogance and ego at the door, and get over it. Reposting just screams "look at me, I'm an attention whore!" The site is free, has high traffic, and believe it or not, the "rating" system is ultimately meaningless in the end. If you're so starved for attention, maybe you should turn off your computer, go outside for a while, relax, and stop putting more meaning into this site than is really there. Personal, I will enjoy an image, (or NOT, if I so choose), whether it has any votes on it or not.
2008-12-13 12:04:41
Ain't gonna poppy!!! Tsk tsk that's American English;'tis not the Queen's English ;-)
2008-12-13 11:44:31
Imagine giving this -16 all at once!! This aircraft is part of the history of the WORLD, for crying out loud!! I live on the periphery of Europe, and I've known about this one all my life, and at last I found a good picture of it. And no stupid ignorant runt is going to rain on this parade! Have respect for what the US did to help Europe after the War, and this aircraft was very much part of that effort! Google it, and read all about it. A little education ain't gonna hurt anyone. ;-)
2008-12-13 11:26:36
As the ladies down here say..You Go Girl !!!
2008-12-13 11:19:05
This one was downvoted to -16 in minutes!!! - so I am reposting it.