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Old Comments:

2011-12-21 10:26:22
German for potatoes is kartoffeln, patito, and not kartoffein. A very minor error, however, if somebody that was not one of your best friends had of made this error, you would have come after them (in one of your brand new troll names) like they were a major felon and of course you would have used your rather salty language to call them all sorts of names and to insult their intelligence. Of course everybody knew that you were behind the uploading of this photo just by your signing in as JU 52 instead of JU52. Trying to deceive Pixdaus users with this 'similar' name trick is not working anymore, we are all used to it.
2011-12-21 10:14:51
You're really undercutting yourself Patito!
2011-12-21 07:57:44
Are you hungry??????????????????
2011-12-21 07:52:15
danke, das ist gut! now i will sing to you a Christmas song. "stille nacht, heilige nacht..." *falls asleep w/pleasantly stuffed tummy
2011-12-20 22:18:43
Ja, das sausage und der potatoes und der kraut ist gelipschmakin gut ! Das ist der food of der Vaterland !