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2010-07-14 12:42:39
I don't appreciate you trying to defend me using vulgar language.
2010-07-14 07:55:38
A picture of a beautiful woman is sleazy celebrity wallpaper art! What does that mean? Did the photographer tell you he didnt want his name added? Are you the art expert on Pixdaus who decides what is serious photographic art. Your friggin weird and Connie should have told you to fuck off.
2010-07-13 05:16:50
Cowards always have the CHOICE.
2010-07-12 15:56:15
No Connie, I didn't contend that it was porn and it isn't. But what it is ... is sleazy celebrity wallpaper art! The photographer didn't even want his name added to it and it simply doesn't measure up with serious photographic art. There have been a lot worse on Pixdaus, but for the most part photos uploaded by "Connie" are of higher caliber. As for my name, apparently I am free to use whatever I want. It is MY CHOICE.
2010-07-12 14:02:46
You, of course, have the right to your opinion and the right to down vote the photo. In case you are interested Izabel Goulart is a famous Brazilian model of Italian/French descent, who does a lot of charity work. It's unfortunate that you chose not to give a reason. It cannot be said that it's porn since she has a one-piece bathing suit on!! Pixdaus is not a convent! It's also unfortunate you chose to use a different name. If you had given your 'unsername' I would have more respect for your opinion. What is my style? I have posted all types/styles of photos in the two years on this site. I'm sorry if I can't feel sadness that someone on cyberspace is disappointed with 'Connie'.
2010-07-12 12:41:33
I down vote very few photos, Connie, however, I did down vote this one. The down vote was for the photo, however, and not for you as the uploader. You have provided some excellent photos in the past, Connie, but this IS NOT one of them and it is not your style. I am disappointed in you for posting this one.