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Old Comments:

2011-11-28 18:45:03
1680x1050 plx
2011-05-21 01:32:47
great pic
2011-05-20 07:12:37
This photo is amazing. its makes me yearn for winter months. It feels like its someone walking to get away from things and to enjoy the nice winter air. To use the cold to clear their minds. That or im just high
2011-04-01 02:22:15
My inner world is so lonely. My life is like this picture, looks warm, but it is so cold; the way my life is like this vast, endless road. I was so confused. . .
2011-03-31 12:18:20
It is a great picture. : )
2010-10-20 21:58:48
very nice pics
2008-01-28 06:54:41
I have probably never been there, but looks familiar to me. Great!