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Old Comments:

2009-04-05 06:29:10
Why don't you take the same advice you gave Dick?
2009-04-05 05:01:34
Why don't you go to a political site instead of spewing it all out here?
2009-04-05 03:14:04
Stop posting political stuff. Are you kidding. I live for some free time when I can get online and post some more. You know how the girls have different files for the different pics. Flowers, Landscape, birds etc... Well I have had to start a Barry file to help keep track of all of the future post. I'll listen to the news throughout the day and the I get to decide which pic will work best. Lately I have been picking up all of the old toons that were making fun of Bush and redoing them to apply to Obama. I got the idea after watching a you tube video of a re-edited commercial. It's very fitting.
2009-04-05 02:51:40
Yeah, and he was a Democrat, too, so I do feel kinda sorry about that...but people from the different parts of Texas have traditonally teased each other...East Texans call West Texans goat ropers and shit kickers...West Texans call East Texans hillbillies and ridge runners..people from around Houston make fun of people from around Dallas, and vice-versa..maybe something like that between the different ends of California..but it's all just sport...poor ol' Afarrar couldn't take a joke... got his panties all in a wad and stomped off in a hissy..too bad.....Let me point out, Abe, that you post this political stuff regularly and have for some know damn well it's provocative, but when anyone fires back you get all huffy and defensive and generally get your knickers in a knot...if my responses to your political bullshit posts bothers or disturbs you, then quit posting political's a real simple equation...even a Limbaugh Licker should be able to grasp it..if you keep posting poltical bullshit, I'm gonna keep firin' both're startin' to sound like a pussy who can dish it out but can't take it..
2009-04-05 01:41:31
"they'd quickly see what a self-righteous, opinionated ,ignoramus asshole the guy really is." I'm afraid that is how you have been coming across lately. I point to the leaving of efarrar. He's from Texas, was in the Navy and you still managed to run him off. Well done sir.
2009-04-05 01:06:32
Censorship ? I really don't care if people read the fact, I wish more people would read it, and then listen to a few of Lush's shows...they'd quickly see what a self-rightous, opinionated ,ignoramous asshole the guy really is.
2009-04-05 01:01:19
Why are so afraid that the people will read the article themselves. Why must you try to intercept them and interject your own opinion. I never thought you would try this form of censorship. Censorship, is that the reason you put down any right thinking person. Hoping to influence their freedom of choice and do their thinking for them. If Klavan is a kook as you have insinuated in the past. Why not tell people to go and read the article so then you could expose me "A Bouts" as a fraud and a deceiver. Instead it is you who chooses to deceive.
2009-04-04 23:33:06
Your rebuttal is to compare it to the Nazis? Typical liberal dribble. You see something you don't like and automatically compare the Nazis, call it racist or say we ain't got nuff school'n to understand.
2009-04-04 23:08:06
Be sure and take the Hitler Challenge Mein's chock full of fun facts, information, and advice that every little up and coming wannabe fascist will find useful and helpful.
2009-04-04 22:47:39
Take the Limbaugh Challenge