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Old Comments:

2010-04-25 14:17:57
Oops, that should be exact not excat.... :)
2010-04-25 14:15:13
That's a shame about the blossom this year, Connie. As I've mentioned in previous comments, my daffodils have done the excat same thing, flowering in autumn instead of spring... :(
2010-04-25 13:29:39
This year - we're about two months ahead of schedule weather wise. Our blossom trees have long come and gone. During the Olympics, they had to transport snow from other mountains for the events at the 2nd venue - Cypress Mtn.
2010-04-25 09:58:19
Thankyou Connie. I would imagine that your streets would look very picturesque at that time of year.. :)
2010-04-25 03:26:41
Lovely PictureGirl. Some of our streets look like that when our Japanese Cherry blossoms and others drop their flowers.
2010-04-24 22:57:55
Many thanks, Coy. I too noticed that beautiful contrast of the wall and hedge. Really stunning !
2010-04-24 22:52:23
Wonderful Photo Mary.I like the contrast between the old rustic wall and the rather modern hedge.And yes, the rest of it is beautiful.
2010-04-24 22:33:01
Many thanks, Poppy. Yes, I agree. I'd love to walk along that path and then stand there and appreciate the view and be showered with those wonderful petals. The photographer said that she is going to go back there in a couple of weeks and take the photo again, as the blossom is about to come out again for spring. It's kind of strange, but because of our unseasonal warmth for Autumn, my daffodils have got flower buds on it. The poor plant is confused. I wonder if they will grow again in Spring ? I guess not... :(
2010-04-24 22:28:35
Lovely photo, Mary! It'd be nice to stand beneath those trees and feel the pink 'rain'...
2010-04-24 22:19:53
With very kind permission from the photographer, Fifi 1968