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Old Comments:

2009-03-17 10:19:46
CBG ...You were one of the best ... You had a style all your own !!! Sorry to see you go... Please come back some day !!!
2009-01-30 23:38:38
You don't care about the votes, TJD, because you haven't posted any pics...neither have I, but I have a good bit of sympathy for those who go to the trouble to post high quality photographs only to see them outvoted by people who vote for their own stuff, much of which is mediocre and pedestrian...
2009-01-30 23:20:34
Who cares about votes....I'm here for the pics!
2009-01-30 02:23:15
Hey CBG,Just ignore the voting system and keep posting pics man.
2009-01-26 07:08:44
Absolutely! CBG's pix are among the very best, IMO. I vote for his stuff all the time. Don't go, CBG. Pixdaus won't be the same without you. Wish the admins [are there any?] would figure a way to eliminate the bogus voting.
2009-01-26 06:07:56
CBG - Just try to ignore posters voting for themselves. You're great for this site.
2009-01-26 05:12:38
We'll miss you, posted good stuff..if this trend continues and the elite posters continue to drop out then some day soon there'll be nothing but post-card schlock, girlie pics, what-I-did-on-my-vacation photos and advertising illustrations from travel and fashion mags......thanks a lot, Farhad, you selfish, egotistical goat-fucker..
2009-01-26 04:39:46
It was a mistake to come back! Some people think they have to make politics with the voting-system. When I see that an uploader like "farhad" get thousands of votes in a few hours or a day!!!! (I like to have this number of votes for my pics, but I always waited for others to vote for me - perhaps that was a mistake...) Why should I try to upload good pics when I see that "farhad" get thousands of votes in a few minutes??? Now you can continue to downvote my pics (whoever you are. You start it today, so please go on. Doesn't matter!) That's all folks! CBG