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Old Comments:

2010-08-26 14:58:07
I wanted to use this photo just to make a general comment: Be creative guys! Do not shop for photos on other members´ folders, it´s getting reaaaaally boring...
2010-07-23 16:01:59
Here, use this photo to vent out your frustrations...
2010-05-21 04:21:29
2010-05-21 04:10:33
"I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one. 'O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous!' And God granted it." Voltaire
2010-05-21 04:03:59
2010-05-20 02:18:28
Please, respect the wishes of those not wanting fights, offenses or foul language below the pictures they´ve posted. Use me! :-)