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Old Comments:

2008-04-30 05:30:18
This comment is correct. I saw 6 of them do this for (I think) the Commonwealth Games in 1982. People up to sixty miles away saw the lights, and many reported UFOs.
2008-04-30 00:52:38
This is afterburner torching or a "dump 'n' burn". The F111's fuel dump outlet is between the afterburners - allowing the afterburners to ignite the stream of dumped fuel in a spectacular and awe inspiring thunderous display. Scared the bejesus outa me when I first saw it. The whole night sky bloomed red and a deafening thunder punched the air. Our RAAF pilots do this for celebrations and special events. We love it. Sadly - the F111's will retire - to be replaced by F/A 18 Super Hornets. I prefer the Sukhoi Su-32.
2008-04-30 00:36:20
That's no afterburner. That's a flame-out. Not good!
2008-04-30 00:13:51
awesome pic. the F-111 is one of my favorites. damn look at that afterburner go.