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Old Comments:

2009-07-12 18:25:49
Again Artemis is voting her worst pictures up! (Sometimes with over 15 votes at once!) What I don't understand is, that YOU (as the Pixdaus audience) let her get away with that!?! Artemis uploaded ca. 3500 pictures and ALL of them are popular????? Hello? Compare her worst pics with pics from other users who had 30 or more votes! You have to laugh because it is SO ridiculous what she is upvoting in her list!!!! If you think that this is ok what Artemis is doing, than this site should be closed immediately!!
2009-07-10 18:37:36
Go to the end of Artemis "Best List" and see what pictures she gave 25, 30 or even more votes! It is so ridiculous!! She is not only lying to us, she is even lying to herself! Pictures who shows nothing or are out of focus or are just ugly get 30 and more votes!!! But, as you can see above, she is able to give herself many many votes at once! And I bet she is downvoting others with many many votes at once too!!! She is the only one which I know who is able to do so!