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Old Comments:

2010-04-27 08:11:11
Hahahaa, “Most, if not all, of those really funny ones on the Internet, are already on Pixdaus”, and you can say that in such a serious way, Connie, hahahaa. That’s a really good one. Still a bit more and you’ll believe it too. NoNoo, this is a nice one, even if it is a repost. We need more comical pics on Pixdaus. And of course, also more funny comments as yours, isn’t it ? Hahahaa.
2010-04-25 17:47:12
Some folks on Pixdaus sometime suggest, under comments, that we have a 'race' (it's not a real race), and suggest a theme, and when it's to start. This latest one was 'funny animals' suggested by Skip. So, off we go hunting for 'theme' photos and post them. Perhaps, we could call this a 'hunt' instead of a race, but still with a start and end time ;-)
2010-04-25 17:06:58
Connie, what is this RACE thing that you are talking about? And, how did you find out about it? In looking at the website I can find no information or reference to it at all.
2010-04-25 16:07:15
Quest - I've been on this site for over 1 1/2 years. In most cases, re-posts get downvoted very quickly. I don't like to see someone's upload getting downvoted so badly, and they don't know why. The only time reposts don't get downvoted so quickly (often get upvoted) is when I comment it's a repost :-). So, the sometimes the votes are more sympathy votes than for the value of the photo - I have no problem with that.
2010-04-25 14:56:21
Coy, I have personally seen photos go up or down very quickly by huge numbers. It is very weird and I am personally convinced that more than just strange is going on. Repost or not, your photo does not seem to be one that would incur that type of action.
2010-04-25 13:23:10
When I do a search under 'hen' the first one that comes up is the one Jchip8 posted a long time ago - titled 'cunfused hen', with 411 votes. Yours, with -5 votes would be at the very bottom of alll the photos. All the other reposts (yours and others) having less votes, would be way down the line. All photos that have the three consecutive alphabets HEN are in the long long line. That's why it's so much fun doing searches on Pixdaus' bizarre Search Option ;-) I'm sorry COY - I can sense your deep disappointment. Having found a very very funny photo like this one, and seeing the votes plummeting down, then finding out it has been posted before would be disappointing - it would be to me. Don't worry about it COY. Like I said, perhaps folks on Pixdaus might decide to dispense with a 'Search' when doing a race...then it would be a real race. We could also decide who the winner is by who not only posted the funniest or whatever, but also who pilfered the most. That could prove to be fun ;-)
2010-04-25 11:44:32
You are correct connie. The first thing that comes up under hen is the one that I posted. However could it be my posting that comes up? I went though several pages under hen, and that one is the only one that has anything to do with a hen or chicken. All the pages that I went though was simply random stuff, I do know that yesterday, when I did the search that photo was not there. Oh well.,thanks a lot anyway..
2010-04-25 11:30:39
I did the search under 'hen' and it's the first photo. There are times COY when I do a search, nothing pops up. Later on, I'll check again and there it is. The 'races' could perhaps be exempt from searches; it would make them more fun and spontaneous.
2010-04-25 11:14:46
I believe both of you ladies when you both say that it is a repost. I thought that I had done a good search to see if it had been posted or not. I always do a search before posting anything. I did not find this photo during my seach. people use so many tags on thier postings that it is all but impossible sometimes to find one. I try to put a single tag on my postings . that makes it much easier to do a search.I have only been on pixdaus for a short time compared to many others. So I can't regonize to many repost as you all can. It was just so odd that it went from a Plus eight to a minus four tithin about seven minutes.I thank you both for thr insight...
2010-04-25 09:20:26
It's unfortunately déja-vue again. A lot of the photos posted for the 'funny animals race' were re-posts, including this one. Jchip8 posted this one originally and got 411votes; then others did. I think I might even been one who re-posted it; I would have searched, but I might have used the caption 'chicken' (I should know better - I grew up on a farm). To post a very funny animal photo such as this one on Pixdaus runs the risk of re-posting. Most, if not all, of those really funny ones on the Internet, are already on Pixdaus. I hope you don't mind me telling you this; I felt it was only fair to you. When I posted my puppy with a praying mantis sequence, the voting was bad, so I suspect it's a repost (yet I did a thorough search); but no one will tell me if it is.
2010-04-25 09:19:24
This pic has been here a few times; that might explain it. - In addition, the weekends are notoriously famous for excessive downvoting, reason or no reason.... I always UPvote the pics that are hit in that way.
2010-04-25 08:38:16
While I was posting my comment it went down to Minus four.
2010-04-25 08:36:08
I can hardly believe that this photo went from a plus eight to a Minus one in 5minutes..Can anyone explain that to me? Something like that really amazis me.I can only figure that the big-time down-voters are at it again. oh well.