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Old Comments:

2008-08-05 04:45:54
only an ignorant American could come to that conclusion
2008-04-14 08:57:13
apart from the car manufacturers that originated in the UK and private manufacturers like saleen, atom bla bla bla
2008-03-28 23:49:02
is there man, Cerberus owns it now, daimler still hols 20%
2008-03-28 23:20:57
old grafic ...daimler sold crysler 1 year ago
2008-03-28 20:51:56
There is no engine-sharing link between Lotus and Toyota, as the Elise, Exige, and Europa engines come from Toyota.
2008-03-28 20:51:16
Tata is there...just still shown as dashed.
2008-03-28 20:24:19
Landrover and Jaguar was buyed by an Indian company some days ago. It dosenĀ“t belong to ford anymore.
2008-03-28 15:20:21
link to higher res?