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Old Comments:

2008-09-01 03:43:40
Who are you, the Song Lyric Police , huh ?
2008-09-01 03:36:20
I guess I should really be more careful with the puns for a while, in case someone decides to throw me out with the troll...
2008-09-01 03:34:48
I heard that the island is inhabited by a bunch of 'Wight' supremacists...
2008-08-31 13:04:41
at least learn the lyrics before you post. thank you.
2008-08-30 07:12:42
I am not anywhere close to 64 yet, but I have fond memories of sailing in the waters close to the shores of the Isle Of Wight.
2008-08-30 06:59:31
"In the summer we will rent a cottage on the Isle of Wight, if it's not too dear. We will scrimp and save."
2008-08-30 05:42:43
Thanks, Starboardside! I have very much enjoyed most of your historical pictures! It is good for us to remember how things were...