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Old Comments:

2011-06-03 00:52:51
Single.. Nice :)
2010-08-25 16:09:22
That's because it was posted by the #1 on the 'Top' list...jchip8...who seems to have a lot of friends voting for his/her uploads. I wonder why the trolls don't go after jchip8 instead of Patito who gets really low votes. A mystery that has remained unsolved for two years.
2010-08-25 15:38:15
The most unbelievable thing about this photo is that it received +94 votes.
2010-08-25 15:36:06
Well found, Gabrielle. I'm impressed you found out that piece of info with the picture. I hope you like the post of this area that I have sent to you... :)
2010-08-25 15:18:54
The Island shown here is actually St. Stefan, Montenegro with the causeway removed and other changes made on each repeat.
2010-08-25 09:21:21
You are welcome, Gabrielle. I think though that the translation bar should still come on your computer. I wonder why it doesn't ? Have a great day, Gabrielle...:)
2010-08-25 09:14:56
Wow! PictureGirl I am impressed, thanks for that. No translate bar in my browser for some reason. My laptop is now about 6 years old so perhaps it lacks some of the more recent facilities.
2010-08-24 18:18:14
Sorry the comments from that site is/are so long too... :(
2010-08-24 18:17:03
The bar to help you translate the page should come on top of the page straight away, Gabrielle. I don't understand why it wouldn't do that for you. Anyway, I have put here what the page says in English. Thanks Gabrielle. It has suddenly gotten very overcast and wet here. It was such a beautiful day here yesterday with the sun coming out for awhile. Over the weekend, we're supposed to have around 18 to 20 Celsius. Looks like winter maybe on its way out very soon. Take care, Gabrielle.... VOLCHENKOV VITALIY 555 " 15:53:52 Anna Vihastaya very cool !!!!!!!!!!!!! and expertly!! " 15:54:36 Valery Orlov 555! " 15:56:34 PETER BALABANOV (PEPINO) super!!! " 15:57:29 Gal Sur. I want to go there. Thank you for your work! 555 " 15:57:30 Ivan Koltsov Terrific! " 16:08:45 TOR Sweet! Wow! Magical! 555 " 16:13:49 LUDMILA HAN ! 555! " 16:15:50 Alexander Belyaev ! " 16:19:37 JEDZER :) " 16:20:36 Oleg Poplauhin ! 555! " 16:20:40 Sergey Kosarev Dream! Beautiful! " 16:20:45 TIMUR A. repetitions was not (c) " 16:28:12 Alexander Gorlov Glitter and enthusiasm, Victor! 555 + + + " 16:33:19 JASHKA GROMOVA ))))))) " 16:41:26 DAIVA KIELe super:) " 16:50:01 VLADIMIR TOLUBAEV 5555 " 16:54:21 Semon Roman Beautiful islands - Sobienie sunny island in the overcast sky " 17:34:49 Alexander Shubin ! " 17:41:51 NINA +++++++++++++++ " 17:43:07 Michael Neumann Good klonator! " 17:45:25 SAM DOBSON Impressive! " 18:04:04 JAROSLAV P ! " 18:28:06 ROMAN JIRKů Well done! " 18:37:57 ALEXANDER TOLCHINSKIY Excellent " 18:44:35 ALEXANDER MATEV :) " 18:46:08 Alexander St Interesting! " 19:03:19 Igor Golovan (GIA) 555 " 19:10:12 ANDREY BYKOV ! " 19:12:34 FPROJECT :) " 19:28:05 VIT JAN gorgeous work ... " 19:30:54 BORIS BUKHMAN * 555 * " 19:37:35 KUZ'MIN unrealistically beautiful! " 19:41:12 ANDREY (ELECTROMAN) ! " 19:57:02 Kamburov Yuri Ve nice " 20:00:55 Kamburov Yuri Ve nice " 20:00:56 ZVEZDINA_ NEDIALKOVA Moi Vozhichteniy !!!!!!!!! " 20:55:24 IGORY OVSYANNIKOV 555! " 21:11:16 Milena I liked " 21:18:26 04/05/2008 Vasbor Well put island! At different distances, it is good Photoshop! 555 " 7:09:12 Constantine Maraj Excellent! Very nice happened! :) " 10:19:18 Arthur Konovalov Wow, nice as !!!:) " 17:52:20 06/04/2008 Alexander Grigorenko :-) " 5:44:53 DIMITAR IVANOV great job !++++++ " 18:55:11 07/04/2008 DIRECTOR 555 " 7:10:27 Anna Rise she used to live one of these) " 15:26:51 MORDASOVA GALINA nice! " 16:02:47 04/08/2008 Irina Agur Wow!) " 13:28:20 19/04/2008 Vladimir Mokshin Excellent! " 9:46:35 28/04/2008 Vyacheslav *** " 13:43:14
2010-08-24 18:03:57
Yes i use Google but could not get it to translate the page with this pic on - only the introductory page. Frustrating eh? I notice that the trees on each island are a bit different too. Or perhaps they are not islands at all but part of a chopped off peninsula? The buildings look Mediteranean.
2010-08-24 16:45:45
What I meant was they are the same island. The one on the extreme right was cropped on the right side. Also, it was cropped at the top, and that part was not well done - it's distorted. The 3rd one was also cropped on the right and the top. On second look, I don't think that overall it was that well done, but not bad.
2010-08-24 15:13:32
Gabrielle, do you use Google to search for things on the internet ? If so, then on top of the page there should be a bar that asks you if you would like to translate the page from whatever language the page is to english. I use Google Chrome and it always asks me to translate pages if I need to....
2010-08-24 14:43:27
Look again, Connie, each island is subtly different, though I do think it is the same island slightly altered. The second island, in the pic, is shorter than than the first - a bit seems to have been taken off the right hand end. Or perhaps the island has been photographed from different angles and then incorporated in one image. Very clever. I went to the url PictureGirl - all in Russian, I wonder if anyone can translate. It would be interesting to know the story behind the picture.
2010-08-24 07:37:39
The islands are identical and it's a photo. It's the exact same island, but they look somewhat different because of the distance. It's a good photoshop - well done.
2010-08-23 22:02:00
After looking through some of this photographer's photos, I think that this may indeed be a photo after all, but to its whereabouts, I am not too sure. This is the link I was looking through....
2010-08-23 16:22:25
I think this looks more like a painting, Gabrielle. Not an actual photo as such....
2010-08-23 16:01:05
Intrieguing, amazing light. Islands look the same - but not quite. What island (islands) where? Photoshopped?