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Posted By:ebi

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2012-01-03 04:33:45
2011-09-11 10:35:44
2010-08-24 16:37:05
I posted a photo a couple of months ago that shows some of those islands. They straddle the Canada/US border. You can search under 'thousand islands' if you want to see it.
2010-08-24 15:14:22
You are very welcome, Gabrielle... :)
2010-08-24 14:55:52
Thanks PictureGirl, it must be a very pretty area with 1000 islands to see.
2010-08-23 16:14:49
More info about this photo.....
2010-08-23 16:09:17
According to this link Gabrielle, this island is known as Dark Island in Alexandria, New York (USA)
2010-08-23 15:10:54
Pretty island - I wonder where it is?