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Old Comments:

2012-02-10 00:13:29
2012-02-09 21:04:56
I'll call the police, you use my name :) !
2012-02-09 19:49:22
Hope in one hand and shit in the other and see which one gets full faster, bitch :)
2012-02-09 19:38:08
Hopefully admins will launch the new platform soon! And hopefully they'll ban you permanently from Pixdaus, Patito! You and all your annoying self voting, cheating and troll pics etc!
2012-02-09 19:04:27
By The way......please note that I am posting this comment using my regular user name, Patito. None of the other comments on this page are by anyone with enough courage or class to use their regular user names.
2012-02-09 18:59:30
Why don't YOU ignore me, King of the Trolls? You deliberately provoke a confrontation by your massive downvoting, then repeat your lying accusations. To All Users: by all means, send an e-mail to the site admins and tell them you are sick and tired of the massive downvoting by Katal Zator ( one of his many troll names ) that has discouraged and driven away scores of users. But it won't drive me away, because I'm not afraid of bullies like Katal who are, at heart, gutless, cowardly chickenshits.
2012-02-09 18:50:35
To Nagilum: Just IGNORE Patito! Remember, Patito feels rewarded by creating the biggest altercation possible. He wants to get a reaction out of you. When you fight with Patito, he wins. When you reason with Patito, he wins. Any time that you give Patito attention, he gets exactly what he wants. The best way to deal with Patito is to ignore him. When you ignore Patito, he doesn't get the satisfaction of creating an escalated conflict. Ignore Patito! Don't answer him. Don't vote for/against his pictures. Just IGNORE Patito and his pictures and comments! To get rid of Patito please write a mail to Pixdaus admins: Pixdaus is better off without Patito!
2012-02-09 18:46:07
Hi must be Better Without's boyfriend, hmmmm ? Neither one of you would recognize a good photograph if it knocked your ugly butts down and sat on you. Your artistic and aesthetic taste is typically third-world bourgeois . You probably have pastel paintings of puppies with huge eyes on black velvet in your living room.
2012-02-09 18:38:31
No it's definitely your sickening stench Patito. The stench of +20 cheater votes, troll pics and vulgar comments! :) No doubt about it!
2012-02-09 18:30:48
No, it's you, the massive cheating downvoter.....and no wonder you smell the way you do...they probably don't they sell toothpaste, underarm deodorant and toiletpaper in your country :)
2012-02-09 18:24:17
It's the Pixdaus skunk PATITO with his cheating votes what you are smelling!