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Old Comments:

2008-06-17 22:25:39
Seeing stupid spelling mistakes always gives me joy. Such as vis-á-vis.
2008-06-14 13:18:18
Bus stop sitter: "WTF!!?! That's the sixth damned bus thats driven right past without stopping!"
2008-06-14 01:09:57
I think this is brilliant and simple at the same time. Maybe the best of both worlds. Nicely done!
2008-06-11 06:17:24
'...communicating in WRITTEN words.'
2008-06-11 06:13:05
...LOL...give it to them, BC! (Loved the vis-á-vis.) It is very difficult, though, for some people to "see" the tongue-in-cheek when you are merely communicating in words.
2008-06-10 21:16:06
Thank you for taking time from your otherwise meaningless life to be pedantic vis-a-vis my posting. This site has not ascended in my reality to the point where spelling is important; you, however, have so few victories in life that this gives you joy. Enjoy!
2008-06-10 01:27:24
You were standing too close for the effect to work properly.
2008-06-09 09:59:25
learn to spell. c'mon. "INVISIBILITY" is written right there on the image you posted.