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Old Comments:

2010-07-27 01:47:35
This minus -6 or -5 on comments? That's just panic, by now they are winning. Forced you to go undercover and now they won't see you back here. They hope that this will last. Don't give them that satisfaction... As a good pictures, take a look on this site: I noticed that you like old photos so if you find some one you like yous post it... I find this site as a collection of the best pictures on internet and I miss some old photos here, it's very rare to see such pictures here. I can't do it all. Movies, funny stuff, animals, landscapes and old photos. That's all from me today.. CU pal!
2010-07-27 01:33:05
See..these butt-wipes are so hostile they get their jollies even voting down our comments. Can you imagine what sad and pathetic little lives they must live ?
2010-07-27 01:31:19
BTW: an Aggie is a student at or graduate of a little school called Texas A & M, which stands for agricultural and mechanical. Most cultures have people about whom jokes are told. In some parts of the US people tell Polish jokes. In Canada they tell Newfie ( Newfoundland ) jokes. In the upper midwest they tell Lena and Ole jokes ( Swedes ) . In Texas, we tell Aggie jokes, and those of who are UT ( University of Texas ) grads especially enjoy them. I seldom tell them anymore, however, since I feel so bad about the tragic fire last year. The main library at A&M caught fire and burned to the ground. It completely destroyed both books. Heh Heh !
2010-07-27 01:21:22
True..good point...but as you know finding good pics takes time and effort...then most have to be cropped or re-sized or edited in some way..and besides, Patito isn't really me..he's a fictional character, like the Lone Ranger, Charley McCarthy or Inspector Clouseau... In fact, the attacks on him often remind me of a Aggie went to a variety show, and one of the acts was a ventriloquist with a dummy. The dummy kept telling Aggie jokes, and finally the Aggie stood up and said "That's enough..I'm damn sick and tired to these Aggie jokes !" The ventriloquist began to apologize, saying they were just jokes and only meant in the spirit of good fun, to which the Aggie replied "I'm not talking to you ! I'm talking to that little smart-ass sonofabitch sittin' on your knee ! "
2010-07-27 01:06:54
And of course you shouldn't be so attached to yours pictures... That's just an upload, troll's can't down vote original source, don't forget that fact.
2010-07-27 00:58:40
Sure...but having a photo in the -13 club is kinda like having a friend become a Moonie or a Hari Krishna...they may not be dead but they might as well be... : ) However...I've taken your suggestion into consideration and will mull it over. And thanks again.
2010-07-27 00:38:40
Oblivion? I doubt, only into -13 club. So what, put some ordinary photos and let the people decide if that upload deserve to stay here. No one can down vote an extra photo... If it's really good it's gonna survive, that's the fact! And for the rest, who care, that will keep troll's busy with down voting... :)
2010-07-27 00:33:08
I appreciate your concern, El Peon. But anything I posted as Patito would be down-voted into oblivion by the coalition of schnitzel-munching photo phascists who believe I'm an evil meanie. And the fact is that I have never given two hoots about votes, ratings, or the top list. But I don't want to go to the trouble to find and post decent photos just to watch them vanish. It ain't worth it, and it's an insult to the photographers. But maybe I'll give it a shot sometime in the next few days as an experiment just to see what happens.
2010-07-27 00:18:18
Wake up , patito! I'm just a step behind you on top list of users so start posting! You are much longer here and it wouldn't be right to overstep you.