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2009-05-10 03:16:05
I prefer having my taxes go for liberating 25 million Muslims from one the most brutal dictators of the last 100 years instead of research that let's selfish, self centered Americans drive battery powered cars. It's a sad commentary on Americans who enjoy freedom and liberty for themselves now unwilling to fight if necessary for the liberty and freedom of those who suffer under brutal murderous dictators. To those whom much is given, much is required. Failing to secure the freedom of our fellow man whenever possible is to risk losing our own.
2009-05-10 00:42:35
2009-05-10 00:14:02
What am I missing? I don't understand why the graph is comparing the war with govt. sponsored energy research. We'd build more Nuke plants if the Environmentalist didn't control the Democrats. In the Mojave desert a massive solar project was stopped by the Environmentalist to protect a tortoise. So bringing stabilization to a country so that the crazies don't get to much of a strong foot hold in the entire region verses energy research. Maybe we could channel other monies into the research of new energy. Like for the last two years the U.S. had a team of researchers in Argentina studying the habits of gay men cruising the bars ?[AIDS Research]? Well Patito is gone for the weekend so the rest of you knuckleheads can type angry responses to this post all day long as I will be working most of day. I'll try and reply to your outbursts of delusion later tonight. :-0