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Old Comments:

2010-12-07 21:14:00
and you're so tight-assed you can't tell the difference between 'there' and 'their', and can't help but wonder or can't help wondering but not can't help but wondering.
2010-12-07 18:50:24
There is no question that this photo has been digitally enhanced (via photoshop or other). The shadows are a dead giveaway to this. However, the photoshop enhancements make the photo and their is no reason to condemn the photo because of that! However I can't help but wondering why Troll Patrol (who is obviously patito) is so uptight about it.
2010-12-06 22:12:58
It's a funny picture (cause of the caption) but it's also a very lousy photoshop work! What's your problem?
2010-12-06 11:09:13
Oops...I mean you haven't forgotten....
2010-12-06 11:08:33
Glad to see you have forgotten your 'signature' closing comment this time ;-)
2010-12-06 10:35:50
It's a great photo with the perfect caption for it. Another one could be "All right you guys...listen up" (American drill sargeant) - "I say my dear fellows, do pay attention...what (British drill sargeant).
2010-12-06 10:31:36
Thank you, Maybelline!
2010-12-06 09:35:29
To Sado: On the site where I took the photo from, there were 99 comments praising the picture, and the word 'photoshop' was not mentioned once! So, shove your crummy comment!
2010-12-06 03:27:49
Yep, and everyone got it now that Sado, Shut Up Idiot and Shirty ( shouldn't that be 'shitty' ?) are all none other than White Eagle aka Logan aka dozens of others, who, jealous of others who get more votes than him, tries to detract from other posters' photos by making annoying , asinine and disparaging comments. Have a nice day : ) And, oh yes..don't forget to diddle you goat ! :P
2010-12-06 02:56:58
Yep! Well, everyone got it now that you are lunatic, Patito. Give us a break.
2010-12-06 02:48:05
Dear Mrs. Idiot It has come to our attention that your son, Shutup, has recently resumed his old habit of posting annoying messages on photo websites. While we understand that he is afflicted with severe mental and emotional problems and that it is challenging for you to control his actions, this sort of irresponsible and deviant behaviour is beyond the pale of acceptable norms and will not be tolerated. We trust that you will take whatever steps are neccessary in order to secure your home computer and to insure that Shutup does not have access to the internet through any other source in your neighborhood. Thank you for your consideration and assistance in this matter. Heywood Jabuzzoff, Deputy Assistant to the Commissioner Department of Troll Control and Removal
2010-12-06 02:12:25
This IS a very bad shopped picture! Are you the opinion leader on this site who tells others what to say???
2010-12-06 01:14:48
It certainly is inferior compared to the many wonderful photos you have posted, Sadsack. Oh, haven't posted nay photos at all, have you ? And you've just posted this one single stupid comment, haven't you ? And you're just another know-it-all self-appointed expert who really doesn't know shit from shoepolish, aren't you ?
2010-12-06 00:31:38
Crummy photoshop work! Very bad!
2010-12-05 18:01:31
Beautiful photo, perfect caption!