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Old Comments:

2008-05-29 06:48:02
Correct... hurricanes can spawn tornados as the bands move ashore..but as Greg said, most people who die in hurricanes die from high water...the conventional wisdom on the Gulf Coast is, hunker down from the wind, run from the water.
2008-05-29 01:17:18
Hurricane - not tornado. A hurricane is a large tropical storm. Its destructive power is due to the storm surge (it pushes the ocean water ahead of it, piling it up higher than normal tides) and strong winds. A tornado is a localized wind vortex created by cold and warm air masses mixing so rapidly they twist as they mix (creating the funnel). A category 5 tornado can literally rip up concrete - as one did just north of me 10 years ago.
2008-05-28 18:09:12
same here...I know that this tornado made quite alot of destruction, but hell this is a beautiful picture... R.I.P to all of the ppl that died on that
2008-05-28 16:57:15
Wow, for once I wish a photo was video with audio.