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Old Comments:

2010-03-09 12:38:15
Great idea to have the before and after. I really like both photos, but I prefer the first, it's a bit interesting. Keep posting.
2010-03-09 10:42:55
The top half of this photo was uploaded about a week ago with the comment that the woman did not want to be photographed. This apparently created a great deal of consternation from a number of viewers that thought I was insensitive for photographing somebody not wanting to be photographed with a myriad of comments on the earlier photo. To further explain my actions, I am posting this double photo (before and after). It is not that the woman did not want to be photographed, because she did, it was that she wanted me to pay her before the photograph. When I didn't offer immediate payment she covered her head, thinking that would ruin the photo. After I paid her, she uncovered her head and smiled for me obviously happy. However, I simply liked the first photo much better and posted it. What do you think?