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Old Comments:

2010-05-24 23:42:27
Sorry, that was meant to say, every... :(
2010-05-24 23:41:40
I agree with you Dog Dude about your remarks about dogs. But my cats have been and still are great companions and loyal too. (To explain that properly, I have depression and they cheer me up each and ever day). When one of my cats hears me drive my car into my carport, she comes outside through the cat flap and greets me. I would never compare my cats to ornaments....
2010-05-24 21:51:16
The idea that cats are nobler than dogs is purely suppositional and is unsupported by evidence or argument. Dogs protect our homes and families from perils known and unknown, help us guard our flocks and herd our cattle, join us in the hunt, love us with all their hearts, and will die by our side in battle. And cats? Pleasant to have around, and occasionally companionable, but useful mainly as ornaments.