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Posted By:kev

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2009-06-24 14:49:16
Surigao Strait was the last battleship-battleship confrontation. Jesse Oldendorf and the Pearl Harbor survivors met and soundly defeated Kurita's southern force as they tried to attack the Leyte Gulf invasion fleet. I think the Japanese lost at least two battleships in that one. Of course, Jutland was the last classic daylight BB-BB battle, but even the naval battles around Guadalcanal featured battleships at times. Willis "Ching" Lee sailing with his flag in Washington, along with South Dakota, engaged the Japanese around Savo Island in the Salomons mortally wounding the Japanese battleship, either Kongo or Kirishima (I forget which... it's been a while since I read 'Morrison' ).
2009-06-24 01:37:19
ok thank you again for the info patito
2009-06-24 00:07:04
Not, as the tag says, battleships..frigates, maybe, or destroyers...there are no battleships in commission in any of the worlds' navies, and haven't been for almost twenty years...USS Iowa was the last one...and there hasn't been a major sea battle between battleships since the battle of Jutland in 1916...